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syn-di-cate - \ˈsin-di-kət\

noun: syndicate; plural noun: syndicates

 a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

What is the Garage Syndicate?
It doesn't exist in just a single place, not just in my garage or yours. It's alot more than that. The Garage Syndicate is in the mind & soul of those who "Get It". We gather, share, and bond. We turn a wrench, hoist a drink, (alone, with friends, or the spirit's of those no longer with us), crank up the music, or just escape for awhile. Ultimately, it's where we collect memories, parts & pieces of races, shows, cruises, rides, or whatever moves us. What makes us.
    In other words... It is a club, of sorts. 
One where members belong, just because.  There are no rules, requirements, nor expectations.
Regardless if your taste is for the brand new, rusty old, or something in between.  Whether your passion is for 2 wheels, 4, or something with none, it's all good.  There is a common thread or chain, that binds us, runs through and true... tying us back to the Garage Syndicate.
You Belong.